How to Remove Chrysotile Asbestos

Chrysotile asbestos makes up 95% of the asbestos in the United States. Asbestos is often found in the home as popcorn ceiling tile or as insulation. Removing asbestos from the home is necessary because of the many health problems it can cause. The cost of hiring asbestos removal professionals is often high because of the health risks and expensive equipment associated with the job. Removing chrysotile asbestos yourself is often a viable alternative.

Asbestos Disclosure & Tenant Rights in California

Asbestos, once a common form of insulation in many residential and commercial homes, releases toxic particles into the air when broken or damaged. Because of the extreme health risks involved, all states, including California, have laws requiring landlords to disclose the presence of asbestos to potential renters before the rental agreement is entered into.

Should I Contact a Lawyer If I Have Asbestos in My Apartment?

Discovering that there is asbestos in your apartment after moving in is unsettling. You need to protect your rights, interests ... and your health. You may be debating whether you should contact a lawyer after finding that your apartment contains asbestos.

Description of Asbestos

Asbestos is a building material made from "...impure magnesium silicate minerals which occur in fibrous form," according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The product was incorporated into insulation, shingles, siding, flooring, and even in common products used to prevent heat transfer in cooking. The EPA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission passed regulations banning most uses of asbestos in the 1970s due to health dangers.

How to Install Cabinet Doors That Slide Into an Entertainment Center

Adding doors to entertainment centers helps hide clutter and unattractive equipment. Although they are a handy addition, doors often get in the way and take up space in a living room or den. Doors that swing open and then slide into the furniture are the best solution if you would like to hide the elements in your entertainment center but still have easy access to the components and equipment within. The hardest part of the project is finding the hardware to make this possible.

How to Arrange Entertainment for a Party

The crowd gasps. Breathless, all eyes are on center stage. At your party? Sure! Finding and hiring just the right entertainer takes a knack and some time but is worth the effort.

Call an agency unless you have a strong personal referral. The fees are a little higher since they include commissions, but the performers are pros (ask for a publicity package), and if someone falls ill, a good agency will find a stand-in. Check out agencies with the Better Business Bureau (

How to Troubleshoot a GM Rear Entertainment System

Troubleshooting the rear of a GM entertainment system most likely will involve a blown speaker, loose connection or faulty head unit. The costs associated with each issue vary. Always disconnect the power wire from the battery when working with the vehicle's electrical system.

How to Write a Contract for Entertainment Purposes

If you're hiring an entertainer to provide you with services, it is important to write out a contract that includes the services he will provide, the duration of time these services will be provided, how much money you will pay the entertainer for these services and when you will send the payment. If you don't write and notarize a contract, it will become difficult to pursue any legal remedies with your client should they arise.

How to Write a Business Proposal for Entertainment Promoters

Entertainment promoters market events, such as clubs, concerts or sport matches. The promoters usually team up with the venue hosting the event then help get people to that event. The promoters receive a cut from the venue based on how many people attend. The variable of the cut may only be door, or door and bar or any number of combinations. Reputation is everything for promoters and the industry is competitive.

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